GUSTO KONG YUMAMAN started as an internet notes of the author to remind him of his "to-do's and not-to-do's" on his financial journey.

It evolved into a blog for friends who were asking for additional information on how they can manage their finances and eventually invest as well.

The author is an OFW, a husband, a father to a boy and a girl. An aspiring entrepreneur who had several failed attempts on small businesses but have not given up, or should I say, will not give up.

I started out this blog as my constant reminders on how to reach my goals. It changed when some of my friends who kept on asking me about my knowledge on financial matters suggested that I share it to them through blogs, so this blog was upgraded and thus published.

My mission here is to spread FINANCIAL LITERACY to as many Pinoys this blog can reach.

I have been investing in stock market since 2008 through what others call, indirect stock market investment or mutual fund. I was lucky enough to invest during the crisis when most investors were afraid to invest. My investments rose at around 300% before I took some of it for my second baby's delivery.

I have small businesses aside from my investments that I am trying to grow together with my wife.

I love books, mostly on personal development.

I love following posts about money.

I also advocate personal finance as I aspire to become a Registered Financial Planner.

I love bowling, billiards, basketball (but not much anymore as I pant like a dog after 3 minutes of playing, LOL).

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