While having a break, a thought of re-reading "One Minute Millionaire" came to mind.

Then a bookmark brought me to a page where I have been trying to print so I can post it on my wall to read everyday.

This one is a powerful manifestation that will teach your mind subconsciously.

This will make your mind think like a millionaire.

Your body, act like a millionaire.

And bring a lot of money to your pocket.


I am a millionaire,
I think like a millionaire,
I talk like a millionaire.
I walk like a millionaire,
I believe, feel, and act like a millionaire.

Like a radio that's tuned to one frequency, I am tuned to the millionaire's frequency.
I continually condition my mind rich, abundant, prosperous thoughts.
I talk about the endless possibilities to all who will listen.
I read what millionaires read.
I soak up biographies and autobiographies of millionaires and billionaires.
I drink in their wisdom, insights and deep understandings.

I think about creating valuable million-dollar business enterprises during the day.
I dream about them at night.
I enjoy creating million-dollar enterprises.
I am creating multiple millions - honestly, ethically and morally.
I am wise steward over my money,
I master my money, my money does not master me.

I love to serve, I realize that it is the quality of my services
rendered with a positive mental attitude that grants me unlimited,
overflowing, ever-flowing compensation,
I am constantly rendering increasingly better service.
The better I serve, the more I make.

I love the challenges,
I conquer my wealth-building mountains with glee and joy in my heart.
There is a banquet of prosperity ready and waiting for each of us.
I cheerfully help others on their journey to wealth, riches and true spiritual abundance.

Being a millionaire means I live the abundant, balanced life - growing, serving, sharing.
It's great to be a millionaire.

Source: One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen
              The Fifth Manifestation
              Page 208

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