I have been working for more than 10 years now, but my dreams of becoming a millionaire seems to have been avoiding me until I started applying the secret formula my mentor have taught me. It's a simple formula that I already knew long time ago or so I thought.

Three months after college graduation, I landed a job in an international company.
Overwhelmed by the take home pay, I forgot my savings habit. Whenever I receive my salary, I will buy stuff that I was not able to afford when I was in college.

Seven years later, I flew out of the country to start a job overseas. And I earned a lot more than I was earning back home. 

More Overwhelmed. I bought gadgets, shoes, shirts and the likes. Things that I thought were good investments. They made me feel good when I buy them. But they accumulated in my room.

Caps of different teams. Shoes of different designs, air jordan, kobe, kd, lebron. They were growing in numbers. My cabinet was overflowing.

Do I need them? You bet, I don't.

I was accumulating things that decline in value. I was earning more yet financially I wasn't growing. I will buy things to impress my friends, not to impress myself. I bought things because I saw all my friends have bought it.

Did it make me happy? Yes, for awhile until I saw a new one coming out.

But what made my financial thinking change? It was the realization that my sojourn overseas will end sooner than I thought.

My kids are growing up and will need more money for their education. School fees, basic needs and other things are getting expensive. I needed to change my lifestyle if I want to change my financial status. I want to be with my kids while they are growing up. So the change should start ASAP. I will be the one to teach them this secret formula that my mentors have taught me.

I had difficulty applying the formula at start. I procrastinated. I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I was comfortable with having no money. So, whenever I receive my salary, I subconsciously took it all out by buying anything that I like or something I thought I will need.

I also thought that by buying stuff that I thought the rich enjoys will make me rich.

The formula I was using was:

But all the time, there will be nothing left to save. I sometimes end up borrowing money from relatives and friends.

Then, I read somewhere in the book "Millionaire Next Door", most millionaires are not what we see in television. They don't have fancy cars, they don't live like the stars of Hollywood. They have simple lifestyle. Most of their neighbors doesn't know they are rich. Even they, don't regard themselves as rich.

So I simply changed the formula to the one they are using:

With this formula, I was able to save money.

Whenever I receive my salary, I will deposit a portion to my bank account. I do it every payday. The remainder will be used for expenses. I still go to malls, but without money on my pocket, I won't be enticed to buy things that I don't need.

With the growing savings, I was also able to invest in stock market through Mutual Funds.

I was able to start my transportation business. (Two tricycles - at least they are used for transportation-winks)

I was able to put up a stall for rent. (Currently no income due to devastation of Yolanda).

With the knowledge I got from my mentors, this small businesses are growing aside from my personal finances. I learned how to manage my finances, I was able to manage the earnings of my small businesses.

So if you want to be rich, do what the rich people do.

Don't buy the things you think rich people buy, because the Sy's, Ayala's, Ty's and other affluent people don't have those. 

It's for the people who cover themselves with glamour to make them look rich.

Don't try to look rich, try to be truly rich.

Follow the formula of the rich and you will be one of them.

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