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Tony Robbins defined Financial Independence as this; where you don’t have to work and everything is covered.

Ibig palang sabihin, if your investments have the capacity to earn for your needs then you have achieved financial independence.

When I was financially illiterate, ang tingin ko para maabot ko ang ganitong status sa buhay, napaka-imposible. But when I started what my mentors have taught me, hindi naman pala ganun kahirap.

I have been into a lot of businesses and almost all of them failed. Only the latest businesses are starting to grow.

Those businesses failed, hindi dahil hindi ko alam ang ginagawa ko, but mainly because I did not know how to manage a business.

The businesses I put up were merely focused on making money when I did not even know how to manage my finances. The difference with the business i have now, is I focus on how other people will make money from it and it helps me grow as a person as well.

Here are suggestions from Tony Robbins which we can apply to our business as well.

You can watch from this youtube video the formula which Tony Robbins has taught me personally (how i wish);

The Formula for Financial Independence is:

1. Spend less than you earn and invest the difference.
        - Mapanegosyo man o sarili mong paggastos ng pinaghirapan, dapat mas konti ang ginagastos mo sa kinikita mo. Obviously, kung mas malaki ang ginagastos mo malamang bankruptcy ang pupuntahan mo.

2. Reinvest your returns for compounded growth.
        - Ito ang madalas na nagiging problema kung bakit hindi tayo makaangat sa poverty line. Once kasi na kumita ang investment natin, rather than reinvesting it back, namimili na tayo ng mga walang kwentang bagay. Masarap sa pakiramdam sa una but later on makikita natin na nakatambak nalang at inaamag na. If we reinvest it back however, yung puhunan natin ay maaaring dumoble in no time.

3. Reach a critical mass of investment capital that creates the annual income that you want.
         - Magkano ba ang dapat na pera natin so we become financially independent? Kung ang kinikita ng investments natin ay kaya nang bayaran lahat ng pangangailangan natin then we are financially independent. We will be working not because we have to, but because we want to. Hindi na dahil kailangan nating magtrabaho, kung hindi dahil gusto lang natin magtrabaho. Or pwedeng hindi na tayo magtatrabaho.

Masarap siguro ang feeling na hindi mo na kailangan magtrabaho para maibigay mo sa pamilya mo ang kailangan nila. Magtatrabaho ka dahil gusto mo, dahil nag ienjoy ka sa ginagawa mo.

Kung ganito na siguro ang katayuan mo, wala ka nang takot sa BOSS mo.

Kapag hindi mo na gusto ang ginagawa niya, malaya kang magsabing, hey Boss, YOU'RE FIRED.

O di ba, ikaw na ang nagtatanggal ng boss. Hindi dahil ikaw ang may-ari, kung hindi dahil alam mo na hindi mo siya kailangan. Pero kung nag ienjoy ka sa ginagawa mo, I doubt if mayroon pang masisilip na dahilan ang boss mo para magalit sa iyo. Or, kung madidismaya ka pa kahit pagalitan ka. Siempre love mo nga ang trabaho mo so kahit anong sigaw pa ang gawin ng boss mo pakialam mo.

How will I be able to achieve FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE? Just the 3 steps suggested by my friend Tony Robbins.

Ito pa ang full video ng training ni Tony Robbins,

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