Fitzhugh Dodson said "GOALS that are not WRITTEN DOWN are just WISHES".

Ralph Waldo Emerson also said that "We should aim above the mark to hit the mark."

So this is it, I have written it down in my GOAL BOOK and want to share some.

I still don't have any idea how all of this can be accomplished but this are my dreams for the year 2014.

  • House and Lot on a 100 sq. meters lot with at least 2 bedrooms, this is crazy because at the start of the year I had this halfway accomplished. We just loaned out a house on a more than 100 sq. meters lot and with 3 bedrooms. I've written this down on my Novena to God's Love app from Bro. Bo Sanchez. God really works in mysterious ways.
  • To acquire 2 more tricycles from the earnings of my 2 tricycles. Though only 1 of this vehicles is giving me income as of writing, number 2 should be running before the end of the month (Feb 2014) and will be giving us savings for the next one. Number 3 should be either June or July and number 4 will be before the end of the year.
  • To acquire 2 foreclosed house and lot in Cavite. This goal is next to impossible but even flying steel were deemed impossible before and the Wright brothers were even mocked and called crazy lunatics and to get these dreams of mine, I'll go crazy over them (smiles and winks for them).
  • To have an annual income of 1 million pesos this year. This is just about to blow off my roof, but nothing is impossible, adidas says. And nike says, Just Do It.

These are some of my biggest goals for the year.

The question of why do I want to achieve this dreams is very clear in my head. I want to give a better future for my kids. I may not be able to give all the things they want. But this is what I am certain, I'll work my ass off to give them what they need.

I want to be a good example not just to my kids but to my entire family. We may not be from well off family but someone will be going up the hill to show them that what may seem impossible can be done.

I also want to impart and give back to my community. I want to help as much people as I can to reach what they want in life. With small businesses that I will be able to build, more people will benefit from it.

I have big why's, lots of them.

I believe in what Jim Rohn said, "When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier".

How will I be able to achieve all of this dreams?

I am still clueless on some of it, but why I want to achieve it? There's a lot of answers. And I believe, God will also give me a lot of answers on how I can achieve it. I can feel it, smell it and 

Here is a list of statements I read everyday from the mini book "BE RICH".

You can also write the following statements on card and read them whenever opportunity permits.
  1. I will never believe I'm unlucky, I am always lucky.
  2. I create my own luck in terms of prosperity.
  3. No one can take my opportunities away from me.
  4. The failures of the past do not affect the present.
  5. The will to achieve is my constant companion.
I read these with confidence and feeling of acceptance.

At first it was just purely reading. Now I can really feel it running through my veins.

I sometimes fail to read this in a day so I decided to post it in my vision board as well alongside with the "Prayer of Abundance" by Bro. Bo Sanchez. So it became a habit, until it was automatically ringing in my head with tune at times.

So there you go, hope you help me pray to achieve this BIG dreams of mine.

For some, this may be small, but for me this will be a big leap. Nevertheless, I'm still optimistic that I will be able to achieve them all along with my other tiny goals.

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