I did not have an ample amount of emergency fund (EF) even when I was already teaching people they have to save more for that. I have no discipline when it comes to money. Kapag alam kong may pera ako kahit alam kong emergency fund dapat yun, nakakahanap talaga ako ng pagkakagastusan. Kaya kinailangan kong maghanap ng paraan para madisiplina ko ang sarili ko.

Since I opened a new bank account when I transferred to my current job. The old account may be used as my emergency fund savings account. Right after I receive my salary, I just have to go to an atm machine and easily transfer a certain amount to my EF account, it's the beauty of ATM's here. I also have to put my atm card out of my wallet since I have a tendency to swipe the said card when my regular account run dry. Itinago ko siya sa cabinet ko para makasiguro akong hindi ko talaga siya magagastos sa kung saan saan.

Sa ganitong paraan nakaipon ako ng more than 3 months of my family's monthly needs. Through this strategy, I also was able to invest more since I knew that I have money if a sudden need will knock.

With just three months of discipline I was able to save three months of my family's need back home. Luckily my income here is a lot more than my needs that it wasn't really hard to save more.

Then a real emergency happened. Super typhoon came and
we needed to send someone home to get news from our parents. Paano nalang kung wala si Emergency Fund, malamang utang ang binagsakan ko. I even told a friend who happened to be an investor as well that I am back to square one. He thought I withdrew my investments and had no emergency fund. I told him that it was just the emergency fund that was totally gone. No regrets though, it helped not just my family but my friends and neighbors.

How did I save for my EMERGENCY FUND?

I have been advocating saving for the future, I had investments but not enough emergency fund as suggested by my financial coaches so I needed discipline first. SETTING GOAL of creating an exact amount of three to six months of my family's needs was to be saved. Kung hindi ko siya gagawing goal at hindi ko didisiplinahin ang sarili ko hindi ko sya mabubuo.

"PAY YOURSELF FIRST" tactic will be the best way to discipline yourself if you want to save or invest. Kaya ang ginawa ko, pagkacheck ko ng sahod sa atm, transfer ko agad ng pera sa EF ko bago ko man maisipan gumastos.

Itinago ko ang ATM card para hindi ko na siya gagalawin unless there will be a real need to withdraw any amount like the tragedy that struck my hometown in Leyte.

My goal now is to double the amount of the depleted one. Madali dali lang ito kasi OT season na naman.

Importante talaga sa pagdisiplina sa sarili, makita mo na ang FINISH product mo para mamotivate ka. Dahil ito ang naging paraan ko sa sarili ko. I always tell myself I have to have this amount for my EF. I even have to write it in my GOAL book. I treated it as a part of my plan for building my financial freedom journey.

So if you want to create an emergency fund, start with the amount you want to have. You can change that over time but for starters you need to have a number. May it be 3 months of your income or 6 months, it doesn't matter. The important thing is you have to set up to how much will be the amount. Then start. You may only have 1 peso to start, it may be small but it's good. Take baby steps if you have to.

Sabi pa nga sa kasabihan, sa pagligo ang unang tabo ang pinakamalamig. Pagnakapag-umpisa ka na tuloy tuloy na yun at hindi mo na mararamdaman ang lamig.

Kaya umpisahan mo lang kaibigan at hindi mo mamamalayan na may sasalo na pala sa iyo pag dumating ang biglaang pangangailangan.


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